Who Am I


Traveller, interior designer (with a strong inclination towards sustainable solutions), wildlife enthusiast, sports freak, internet addict, an amateur blogger… these are some of the roles that I choose to play in different contexts that I find myself in.

But this isn’t about all of these roles, this is about travel and wildlife…

As a child, taking the 3 day train journey from Gujarat (where I was born and stayed for 27 years) to Kerala (where my family comes from) for every summer break, was the best part of the year. The journey was a holiday in itself and the dramatically changing landscapes that I saw through the window were fascinating to say the least. The days spent at our ancestral home in Kerala were full of new experiences and great joy and these were precious moments that made a strong impact on me.

In the years that followed, basketball, design school and a life of independence, gradually developed in me, a strong urge to travel and explore new places… there emerged a need to understand a way of life that did not offer the comfort of contextual familiarity.

Moving to Bangalore in 2008 introduced me to a world where travelling became the focus and in 2010 I decided to quit my salaried design job and became a freelance designer. The road since then has been tough but when I look at the freedom I now have to pursue my dream of travelling, I have no complaints. This shift also gave me the time to explore newer ventures and earlier this year, a few friends and I got together to create Travellers Meet in Bangalore, a platform for travellers to meet fellow travellers, share stories and get inspired.

A Malayali born in Gujarat, I’ve travelled to 17 states and 5 union territories of India and only very recently completed my first international trip visiting Thailand and Cambodia in September this year!

I believe there is a lifetime of travel left to aspire for and this blog is about stories, inspirations, destinations, tips and dreams, basically every thing related to travel!

Interested in sustainable design solutions and want to read about it or to find out more about the design side of my life here.


17 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. glad to see this post. 🙂 i didnt think i would see such a great piece on this topic after i finished my thesis, which was a toy museum. really looking forward to the second part of the write-up. 🙂

  2. I found your blog through a friend on Facebook and would like to say hi. My name is Tracey, based in Australia, an artist and a community engagement specialising in sustainable behaviour change. I also manage a blog at http://www.geokult-travel.com and plan to visit my friend when she will be renting a place in Kochi later this year.

    • Hi Tracey, thank you so much for visiting the blog and I hope you liked what you saw! 🙂

      You will have a great time in Kochi for sure and while there, try to include a few more destinations in Kerala into your itinerary. If you need any help with your planning or stay, do let me know. I will be glad to help you. 🙂

      And yeah, Australia is one of the countries that I have been wanting to visit for ages now… hope I make it there some time in the near future!

      Cheers, Vijay

  3. Hi Vijay, I head the PR for an IT company. We are working very cloely with teh state forest department on tiger conservation. A press conference is being organised this Wednesday. I anted to check, if you could be a pat of teh press conference. if I can get your mail id I can send you the invite and the details. thanks

  4. Hello, I enjoed reading your wonderful articles related to travel. I am 54 years old and your writngs are an eye-opener to me. I feel literally depressed to realize that I have completely wasted my life. Is there a way for me to trek to Mukurthi Peak? I am yearning for the expereince but I am solitary idiot having none to accompany me for these trekking trips. Last week, I had been to Kotagiri and did some soft trekking like Kodanadu gene pool, cross-country (ridge) walk from Kotagiri Pandiarajan Park to Catherine Falls, Rangasami peak etc. with the company of a local guide? After searching for several hours for Mukurthi, I landed on your blog. Simply great is your blog and facebook page. Congrats! If you can, help me achieve Mukuthi…

    K S Pandian

    • Hello Mr. Pandian,

      I’m sorry but the guide I had done the trip with has stopped working at Mukurthi. You will have to contact the forest department directly. If you do get the contact of some guide and find him worth a recommendation, do share his details with me.

      You can also try getting in touch with the Bangalore Trekking Club (http://www.bangaloretrekkingclub.com/) or one of the many other trekking clubs/groups that are based out of Bangalore.

      Hope you manage to do the Mukurthi trek. Have a good trip.

      Cheers, Vijay.

  5. Came across your article when I was browsing on Peralaserry. Your writing is beautiful. Happy to have discovered you. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Hoping you are well,

    • Hi Shwetha,

      Thank you so much for writing in. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. I am currently working on moving from this free wordpress site to my own domain and I hope to continue churning up interesting posts in the future.

      I will keep you posted and would love to have your opinion on the new site as soon as it is up.

      Thanks again for the encouraging words.


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