Wadi Rum and the Bedouin way of life

From the minute you reach the visitors center in Wadi Rum village, you will feel like you have time travelled back to the past when life wasn’t in such a hurry. The Bedouins are laid back to an extent where you with your crazy sense of time and punctuality (which comes from the machine-like existence that city life enforces) might think they don’t seem to be eager enough to extend an enthusiastic welcome. What you might not realize is that your hosts are just being themselves. It’s time for you to relax.

The Bedouin way of life has changed over a period of time with Wadi Rum becoming a major tourist attraction but at the very core, things haven’t changed that much. Though he makes more than what his family needs by catering to a constant stream of guests from around the world visiting his property nestled in the shadow of one of the many sandstone hills that dot Wadi Rum, my host Zedane spent time tending his sheep every morning after making sure the guests had had their tea and breakfast. He, like all the other locals, had managed to hang on to a life that was all that he had known when he was a little boy.

This photo was shot after I had climbed up and settled atop one of the hills to soak in the warmth of the morning sun and I saw Zedane with his sheep. The frame seemed to capture everything that Wadi Rum was about. I could see the sandstone mountains in the horizon, the red desert sand laid out in front of me and the simple Bedouin way of life, all in one shot.Wadi Rum and a Bedouin tending sheep


*During my time at Wadi Rum, I stayed at the Bedouin Meditation Camp for 2 nights. I would highly recommend this camp to everyone who plans on travelling to Wadi Rum especially for the great hospitality and warmth that Zedane (the owner) and his sons extended to me. I booked my stay through the Booking.com website but you can also contact the camp site through their website – www.wadirumbedouinmeditationcamp.com


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