The Jaisalmer Fort in 10 Photographs

Jaisalmer has been a preferred destination for me for years now and for more reasons than one. From nights spent sleeping at the dunes under the sky to chatting with locals sitting on the roof of a bus. The thing about Jaisalmer is that life somehow seems to ease down and everything moves at a really comfortable pace. Leaving the rush of the city and healing the scars left by months of monotony becomes an effortless task.

It might not just be the fort that brings people to Jaisalmer but then once there, you cannot ignore the magnificent structure. The thing is that even if you have been to the fort multiple times, you never get tired of sitting at one of the many cafes inside the fort sipping some amazing masala chai and soaking in the view of the town and the dunes in the horizon. A walk through the narrow alleys inside the fort is an experience like none other. The crowds at times can be quite an annoyance and a visit early in the morning might help you avoid the madness.

On my last trip there, I stayed at the Mystic Jaisalmer hostel ( for about a week and ended up having a fantastic time. Though this post isn’t about the hostel and how good a choice it was for me, I still must say that if you ever visit Jaisalmer and are looking for a fantastic place to stay (and the very very affordable rates are not even the main reason!), look no further. Ashraf Ali, the owner of the hostel is probably one of the nicest people I have met during my travels and he will make sure that you have a super chilled out experience! And if you do read this post and do spend some time at Mystic, have a masala chai for me and let me know how the trip was.

*This is not a sponsored post and my stay at Mystic Jaisalmer wasn’t complimentary. 🙂

Here are ten photographs from my trip. The first one shows you the view of the fort from the roof top cafe at Mystic Jaisalmer! Jaisalmer Fort Jaisalmer FortJaisalmer FortJaisalmer FortJaisalmer FortJaisalmer FortJaisalmer FortJaisalmer FortJaisalmer FortJaisalmer Fort


6 thoughts on “The Jaisalmer Fort in 10 Photographs

  1. We visited mostly Jaisalmer excursions as we were short of tour time but yes, during late evening hours we had a quick walk inside the Jaisalmer fort. But the wish is to visit is existing. Thanks for sharing day time photos.

    • Hey Tushar,

      Thank you for the appreciation. Jaisalmer fort is special in the night too… I used to spend my days in & around the fort and the nights at the dunes. Hope you get to go back to experience the fort again.

      Cheers, Vijay.

  2. Gorgeous photos. Jaisalmer is one of my favourite places in India and I guess one visit isn’t enough to know it better.
    BTW, I liked your disclaimer at the end. 🙂

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