Thottada Beach – 800 metres of serene beauty

Kannur, in northern Kerala, is known for its many beaches, some popular some not so much. One of the lesser known beaches is what I decided to explore on my last visit home. The quiet village of Thottada is located about 8 kms away from Kannur on the Kannur-Thalassery highway. This little nondescript village cradles a gem that only some very persistent travellers have managed to experience.

This 800 metre stretch of white sand is the perfect place to experience the famed west coast sunset or for that leisurely stroll in the late afternoon. A dam built on the Thottada river that flows out into the Arabian Sea through one end of the beach creates a fresh water lagoon here, a great habitat for birds and fishes. In about a couple of hours, I could easily spot plenty of eagles, egrets, cormorants and some other smaller birds that I could not identify.

Though this beach may not be too well connected to the main highway, I could manage to get to within 500 metres of the beach without a problem using Google Maps. But otherwise too, the locals are pretty friendly here and would definitely point you in the right direction if you had a problem finding the beach.

The coconut palm lined entrance to Thottada Beach.

The coconut palm lined entrance to Thottada Beach.

Fishing boats at Thottada Beach Kannur

Fishing boats enjoying a late afternoon siesta!

Thottada Beach Kannur

Clean beach, no tourist chaos… just the perfect picture!

Thottada Beach Kannur

Beach football?

Thottada Beach Kannur

A beautiful stretch of sand for those leisurely strolls.

Thottada Beach Kannur

White sand and gentle waves make this a serene getaway.

Thottada Beach Kannur

Tracks on the sand.

Thottada Beach Kannur

The fresh water lagoon created by the dam on Thottada River.

Thottada Beach Kannur

Wouldn’t that be a great place to stay?

Thottada Beach Kannur

Brightly painted boats only add to the already beautiful scene at the beach.













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